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Congratulations to Benedict and Martin on their Emmy wins
Sherlock Holmes, again, must have sexual impulses because human beings tend to — most human beings, not absolutely all, but that’s the majority.

The fact is, he decides to put all that in an iron box to make his brain work better.

Of course, the fact that that iron box bounces around and shakes and bangs from the inside is what makes the story interesting.

He wants to rise above us like a snowcapped mountain, but he’s actually a volcano, and that’s where the story is.

That’s where the story is.
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Steven Moffat

(IGN interview Part 2, February 2014 [x])

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#Sherlock 7-word story

you certainly live up to your name



It wasn’t just one heart that broke.

John I’ll do that with a look Watson

Consulting Detective Ingredients.

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My take on the MJN Douz fire truck brochure.

Arthur comes from a spectacular cosplay by hileo.

The MJN logo is by earlfoolish.


Weak and drunken hearts - Johnlock by Mi-caw-ber

God knows what is hiding,
In this world of little consequence.
Behind the tears, inside the lies,
A thousand slowly dying sunsets.

God knows what is hiding,
In those weak and drunken hearts.
I guess the loneliness came knocking,
No one needs to be alone, oh save me.

[Birdy - People help the people]

Oh shit what have I done xD John looks dead (he’s sleeping) and Sherlock looks like his murderer xD
Maybe I should finally draw a kiss that actually happens! :| (Blank Stare)

Size: A3
Time needed: 4 hours
Medium: traditional/digital mix so pencil, crayon and PS CS2


I missed you, John, I missed you so much…
Shhh, I know it, I missed you too…


So I made a (nearly) life-sized balloon TARDIS. It ended up 7’ tall, including the light and 40” wide. I quickly realized that the problem with building a life-sized TARDIS is that you then have a life-sized TARDIS in your not-bigger-on-the-inside house. In the immortal words of Kanye: “Oh great now I gotta be responsible for this.”

Included for perspective is my dumb face. If that fez fit on my head, I’d’ve totally been wearing it.