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Fandom Public Service Announcement: 

In addition to running Archive of Our Own and the Transformative Works and Cultures academic journal, the Organization for Transformative Works also runs Fanlore, a fandom-oriented wiki dedicated to hosting information about fan activities, fannish vocabulary, and the histories of fan communities.

On July 5 2014, Fanlore passed its most recent goal of reaching 30,000 articles — which is awesome! But as with any wiki that relies on user interest for the creation and maintenance of pages, there are still some pretty noticeable gaps.

Some of the most prominent authors and pairings in popular fandoms have almost nothing on their pages — or, in many cases, have no pages at all. (As of September 21 2014 the Steve/Bucky page barely has anything on it, and Thorin Oakenshield — one of the main characters in The Hobbit books and movies — doesn’t even have a character page.)


The Fanlore Challenge:

To help fill these gaps, I propose a simple three-step solution.

  1. Create an account with Fanlore

  2. Think of 5 things that you consider important to YOUR fandom experience and that you think other people should know about. (Your favourite pairings, characters, fanfic authors, fanartists, remarkable fanworks — whatever makes you think “this person/thing deserves to be recognized.”)

  3. Go contribute to the Fanlore pages for those 5 things.


That’s all it takes! Saying “X Author is a significant author in Y fandom” with a link to their AO3 page or adding the links to a few Notable Works for a particular pairing is more than enough to qualify. Know of an awesome rec list for that pairing? Add a link. Remember a meme that sprung up about a certain character? Throw that in too. It doesn’t have to be much.

And if you have the time and energy to really flesh out those 5 pages? Even better. 

Providing a balanced and well-rounded fandom wiki is pretty much impossible for one person to do. But if everyone who sees this post makes just 5 constructive edits, we can all work towards making Fanlore into an even better resource and repository for all of us to use. 


Happy editing!


Martin Freeman | leaving with the Youth Action Theatre for Kiev, September 1989.




John is the sexiest motherfucker out there. 

That moment when John realized he passed Mycroft’s bribery test in ASiP.

HIs left ear moves when he smiles. 

Martin Freeman can cut out John’s lines because he can “do that with an ear wiggle.” I have it on good authority.

(Source: sherlock-undercover)




Look at how smug and confident he was when he entered the restaurant… But the moment he saw John for the first time after two years he turned into a nervous puppy. Sherlock Holmes was actually stunned for a moment,


Someone gif’d the moment! Thank zeus. 

It was only a split second; I missed it on the first few watches, but once I saw it I couldn’t unsee it. 

It makes a huge difference in watching the restaurant reunion: without it, the disguise scene feels like a gimmicky writing gag.

With it: the scene is a heartbreaking tapdance of nerves and deflection.

I wake up and see David Bowie all over my dash. What the hell did I miss?


"No matter where you meet a stranger, be careful if they are too friendly.  Sometimes there are dangers involved that never meet the eye.”